Hey, thanks for considering to donate to me.

I'm a small self-hoster from Finland and I'm giving back to the community by providing privacy friendly tools and services for everyone. Right now I'm spending about 40€/month on server costs alone, not to mention the free-time I put in to keeping them updated and running. I would be grateful for any donations as this would help me provide more and improve current services.

Below you will find numerous of ways of donating to me:

Monero (XMR): 4AYTCgKS5xv5EZbN7gn2AVUdhkbAV3FhmXa27qXJ3bkXQgqo9huP218hFGFD6M9MxKEftVfJ8PnHWjHvmtw114t55GDmgwH

Ethereum (ETH): 0xc332bD5c2C56C77169332Fa16a580b0ca0e90995

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q23rt0y30cw4yq00lzxxudg6zmv2d96rflmyfx3