- Mico Hautaluoma 👨🏼‍💻

Linux system administrator


About me

Hello, I'm a 16-year-old boy from Finland and this is my personal/private website.

I like coding different languages but I'm most familiar with CSS, HTML and PHP.

I have been "coding" since I was 9, and my first project was a YouTube app. It was just a window that loaded and had no other features. It was made with C#. I barely used it even myself but it was good fun, even though I never used C# afterwards.

One of my other interests are electric scooters and messing around with them. I have been in the ScooterHacking community for about a year now, I am also a moderator there.

Made with nano in a PuTTY terminal, with occasional disconnects.

Automated SFTP deployments from GitHub are now working, yay

Tools and services

I host a couple of privacy friendly tools for anyone to use.

  • - A privacy respecting meta search engine
  • - Privacy friendly front-end to Twitter
  • - QR-code generator
  • - Privatebin encrypted pastebin
  • - Privacy friendly front-end to Instagram
  • - Link shortener
  • Contact me

    Main Email: PGP-key

    Secondary Email:

    Phone Number: +358414712199

    Telegram: @Cumpal

    GitHub: datanomi

    Reddit: u/GrowTFM

    Discord: Cumpal#7636